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We specialize in 3 types of low doc mortgage options with NO tax returns required:

  1. True "No Income - No Employment - No Tax Return" Loan for self employed, w-2 and retired borrowers. Income and Employment are not listed or verified. Available for purchase and refinance of Primary, Vacation and Investment property for SFR, Condo, Condo Tel, Commercial & Multi Family Units. Loan amounts $150,000 to $5 million with FICO Scores as low as 640. Income and Employment not shown on application and not verified.
  2. Bank Statement Gross Revenue Qualifier for the self employed and 1099 borrower using business revenue deposits. No Tax returns! Available for purchase and refinance of Primary, Vacation and Investment property for SFR, Condo, Condo Tel and Multi Family. Loan amounts $150,000 to $5 million
  3. Asset Only Qualifier for self employed, w-2 and retired borrowers. Asset Only and Asset Depletion loans only require asset documents. No Income, No Employment, No tax returns. Available for purchase and refinance of Primary, Vacation and Investment property. Loan amounts $150,000 to $2 million.

We offer these products in all states and they are available for purchase, refinance and cash out refinance transactions for primary, vacation home and investment property. SFR, Condo, Condo Tel and Multi Family Unit.

Bank Statement Loans

Mortgage companies need to verify your income before they'll approve you for a home loan. They usually do this by looking at your W-2 and tax returns.

That can be a problem if you work for yourself. Independent contractors, including business owners, freelancers, and seasonal or gig workers likely won't have the tax forms needed for a traditional mortgage.

But if you have non-traditional income, you might be able to get a "bank statement mortgage." That means you prove your income by showing one or two years of regular deposits into your bank account.

Unlike a traditional mortgage, you can qualify for a bank statement home loan with your bank statements rather than a tax return.

What Our Borrowers Have To Say

  • Carmen Mayta

    What a remarkable experience with the Bank of England family and as an institution. Working with Parker, Sara and Keith was amazing, I always be grateful to them to walk with me through this process and helped me every step of the way. I could not ask for a better team. Thank you all! for making a dream come true

  • Jason Williams

    5 star experience with BOE - as always! Joe Ball was great from start to finish. The dedication, quick turnarounds, and attention to detail helped us navigate the current environment and get everything we needed and more. Joe (and the whole team) went above and beyond in every regard. Thank you!

  • Cory Luckner

    Bank of England was amazing to work with when purchasing my new home! Neve and Sarah were AMAZING when it came to getting this pushed through quick and they definitely fight hard to make sure you get what you want! I appreciate everything they have done to help my family and I get our DREAM home!

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Our Loan Programs

We are committed to helping you understand and compare home mortgage loan options. So we've compiled a list of some common questions about mortgages that we frequently hear from our customers. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please contact us right now!

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  • Fixed Rate Mortgage

    True "Stated/No Income" Mortgage

    • No Income or Employment listed on application or required for approval.
    • No W-2's, Paystubs, Tax Returns or 1099'x required.
    • No Income Docs or Employment Docs Required.
    • Available for Self Employed, W-2, Retired, No Employment, Investor type borrowers.
    • Minimum 640 MID FICO score
    • Required minimum 15% Down Payment for purchase or 20% equity for refinance
    • Purchase - Refinance - Cash Out Refinance
    • SFR, Condo and 2-4 Unit Multi Family Allowed
    • Loan Amounts $150,000 to $5,000,000+ Only
    • 30 Year Fixed Rate and Fixed Period ARM's
    • Interest Only options available
    • Available in most states
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage

    Self Employed Bank Statement

    • Self Employed borrowers qualify with gross bank statement deposits. 12 or 24 months.
    • Lowest Rate Option for Self Employed Borrower.
    • No Tax Returns, W-2's or 1099's required.
    • Available for Self Employed & 1099, and independent contractors.
    • Available for Primary, Vacation and Investment property.
    • 10% Down options for Primary Home
    • 20% Down options for 2nd Home or Investment
    • Available for SFR, Condo and Multi Family 2-4 Units
    • Loan Amounts $150,000 to $5,000,000 Only
    • 640 Minimum FICO for 10% down Primary
    • 640 Minimum FICO Required 20% Down
    • 30 Year Fixed and Fixed Period ARMs
    • Interest Only options available
    • Available in all states
  • FHA Loans

    Additional Low Doc Products

    • Asset Only Qualifier - No Income & No Employment. Use Assets Only To Qualify
    • 1 Year Tax Return Qualifier for Full Doc & Self Employed
    • 1 Year P & L Qualifier For Self Employed Borrowers
    • 1099 Only Qualifier For 1099 Borrowers
    • Hard Money Available For Residential, Multifamily and Light Commercial
    • Available For Purchase, Refinance & Cash Out
    • Available For Primary & Vacation Homes Only
    • 10% Down Payment Options Available
    • 640 Minimum FICO Score Required
    • SFR, Condo & 2-4 Unit Multi Family Allowed
    • 30 Year Fixed Rate and Fixed Period ARMs
    • 40 Year Term With 10 Year Interest Only Period
    • Loan Amounts $300,000 to $3,000,000 Only
    • Cannabis Industry Allowed
    • Available in most states

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get pre approved and how long to close?

We can secure a formal pre approval in 1-2 business days from your application. Most loans close in about 30 days.

What experience do you have working with self employed borrowers?

We have assembled a team of loan officers each with other 10+ years of mortgage experience working with self employed borrowers, investors and borrowers who don't want to disclose their income.

Who is Bank of England and do you fund in my state?

Bank of England Mortgage is a domestic FDIC chartered and regulated bank operation for over 120 years. We have most of our products available in all states but some states have restrictions so please call or email for details in your state.

Who can I contact to answer more questions and how do I get pre approved?

Our team of licensed mortgage professionals can be reached 7 days a week at (877) 662-6789 or through the contact form on this page.

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